My name is Laurie Brennan and I want to welcome you to my world. I hope you will follow me on my adventure of creativity!

My main focus of this blog will be my most recent adventures in furniture “upcycling”. I may also touch on my jewelry making experiences and whatever the future holds in other creative endeavours.

I have dabbled in the creative arts for all of my life and now I have more time to pursue a variety of interests. I left a job I loved in the dental industry recently due to family commitments. I live in a bit of a crazy house, but it is never boring! Three years ago my husband and I were empty-nesters, and then the fun began. My daughter moved back home after college and she now has a 3 year old daughter who also lives with us. My father was unable to continue living alone due to health issues and came to live with us as well. We now have a 4 generational home that is always hopping! I find there are never enough hours in a day to achieve everything I set out to do, but that’s everyone’s life isn’t it? I hope that you will find tips and tricks and learn from my mistakes in your own creative journey. I always welcome hearing your comments/questions.


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